About Marilyn

In the early 90’s my art “Career” began to germinate after discovering a hidden reservoir of creative energy. Although I had never considered painting before this time, from within I felt I was being pushed to begin.

Fortunately I found a mentor in artist Chris MacClure and through working with him over the years, I have a new found respect for the resolve necessary to make the art profession work for oneself.

In 1997 we married and moved to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where we opened a 2nd storey studio. As testimony to the creative spirit, during the next 13 years our humble studio morphed and grew to become the most reputable  art gallery in Los Cabos. Our Golden Cactus Gallery’s amazing collection of artists and art became a benchmark of excellence for the art community in the southern Baja.

During this time I painted and learned the craft first hand.  Running a gallery in a foreign country  was challenging, but I honed and refined my painting skills. Always it was the excitement of the Mexican culture that provided  ongoing inspiration, though it is the joy that comes from reaching within and letting the expression flow from the silence that gives life to my work.

My paintings are a menage of life, experience and creative energy.  The landscapes, florals and expressionist abstracts all reflect the vibrant colors of my life as a contemplative artist inspired by the colors of mexico and the beauty of my home in the Pacific Northwest.

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