Getting on with It!

Well we finally got our paperwork in order after much hair pulling. We’d planned a big opening show in our newly renovated studio. The editor of the local paper had organized the invitations, which had to be hand delivered(there is no home mail delivery in Cabo and only 1 postie for the whole downtown area) . As Carlos was well connected in the Cabo San Lucas community, we ordered our snacks and wine to accommodate a large crowd.
The day of the show, our carpenter arrived with the “frames” Chris had ordered for his paintings. Now, in ’97 there were no frame shops, galleries or any place to buy frames so we chose baseboard molding which was stained off white. Unfortunately, our carpenter was using metric, we of course spoke little spanish and “assumed” standard measures. Every frame we ordered was too big or too small for the paintings and Chris spent the next several hours jury rigging the paintings as best he could to accommodate the art.
Next we learned the invitations were hand delivered only that day. Carlos’ thinking was that there was so little happening in Cabo that it didn’t matter if the invitation only arrived the day of. Meanwhile we’d ordered enough food to feed Santanas’ army which we had arranged artfully on a long table along the main wall of the gallery.
We’d finished everything and jumped in the shower before our guests were to arrive. On returning to the studio to survey our handiwork, we gasped as an enormous band of ants was marching across the wall over and under the paintings in a headlong dash for the food table. After moving the table to the center of the room, the band of ants, scurrying around in circles on the wall looking for the booty, finally regrouped and continued across the wall and disappeared through a hole at the top of the stairs and disappeared, just as the first guest arrived.
Another lesson learned—- always expect the unexpected in Mexico.
We never again “assumed” anything and always did what we could ourselves relying on external help infrequently.
And by the way, we learned also that manana doesn’t mean tomorrow, it just means maybe sometime, maybe, if we get around to it.
Next blog we’ll get into more trouble.

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