Live Paint Play in Mexico

Like a perpetual motion machine, your life seems to take on its own momentum once  serious life-changing decisions are made.  Somehow events conspired to keep us moving forward in spite of the constant obstacles that kept popping up to keep us from pressing forward.  We pushed on despite the nagging doubts.

We’d spent considerable time in Baja by ’97 and developed some good relationships that fired up once we committed ourselves.  A Mexican friend located an excellent space for our “future studio/gallery” The Golden Cactus.  It was in the heart of old Cabo San Lucas, a block off the main drag and just down the street from a main tourist attraction, The Cabo Wabo Cantina.  The space occupied the whole second floor of a corner building and the situation of the building afforded a perfect 180 degree view of our corner of Cabo.  Windows wrapped around the front and two sides, had a 3 foot wide balcony around the whole space and could be accessed with some modifications.  The 1000 foot space was currently being used as storage for the gift shop underneath and we immediately started plans to make it workable as a studio and included a full bathroom with shower and large storage area we could use for sleeping if needed.  Our friend would make the necessary renovations over the summer and be ready for our arrival in October.

I don’t know for certain what the character qualities are that determine who has what it takes to follow a dream.  Perhaps they get fleshed out as you head into the fray, developing as you go along.  In any event, perseverance, patience, tolerance, humor are needed for any scheme to come to fruition and we were about to get a crash course in character building 101.

A strong personality is considered a positive attitude for the gung-ho entrepreneur, however in Mexico this attitude will be the proverbial red flag to any play you may want to be involved in. “We want what we want when we want it”  will pretty much guarantee you “won’t get it any time, any how or any where” in Mexico.  More next.

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